Dry Tri & Best Buddies Ride

Dry Tri & Best Buddies Ride

Author: Peter Needham

Mals Pals Dri Tri


The Mal’s Pal’s Dry Tri is returning on Saturday, May 6th. This fundraising event will be open to friends and family of the 617 community so please spread the word!

What is the Dry Tri you Ask?

The Dry Triathlon consists of a 2K Row, 5K Run and 10K Bike (stationary). It is a test of fortitude and fitness and easy for anyone to participate. You can also choose to do the Half Tri version which is a 1K Row, 3K Run and 5K Bike We also will do some fundraising via shirts and raffle prizes in support of then Mal’s Pals Best Buddies Ride.


Best Buddies - Team Mallory

As some of you know, myself and other friends/gym members will be participating in this years Best Buddies Challenge on June 3rd - a 100 mile bike race from Boston to Hyannis Port. We ride in support of the Mal's Pals foundation, a local charity that is deeply rooted in this neighborhood and very near to my heart. 


We are more excited than ever to get the Mal's Pals Team back on the road again. We want this years team to be the biggest one yet so we are inviting our 617 community to sign up and join us on team Mal's Pals. This is a great event for those looking for, not only a new challenge, but also one that helps benefit a great cause. 

There is, of course, a fundraising commitment when signing up but we are here to help with those efforts so don't be overwhelmed if that is your only concern. We will also be hosting training rides which will leave from the gym on Saturday mornings over the weeks leading up to the ride on June 3rd. These rides will be available to EVERYONE, even if you don't decide to sign up for the race so stay tuned for those!

If you are interested, or want to know more, you can reach out to me or Ryan Bickerton (5am Warrior). Ryan’s daughter Mallory is the inspiration behind Mal’s Pals. The date of the challenge is Saturday, June 3rd. We are cutting off sign ups for Team Mal's Pals on April 15th, which means there's not much time to sit around and think it over. So if you see me, I'll for sure be pressuring you to sign up and ride along side me. Oh, you don't have a bike? We can get you one, nice try. No excuse will be good enough for me either, so don't even bother with that noise. There is absolutely no pressure to sign up, I will just take your 'no' as a personal insult and slight to my family, no big deal!

All kidding aside, the day itself is one of the best days going. Don't miss out and come do something memorable and out of your comfort zone. You just might enjoy it!